Ezra Wilder

and his wild debut…

The days before Ezra was born I had been having consistent Braxton hicks for days. I couldn’t feel pain with them but I felt the tightening every 6-8 minutes. I had just hit 39 weeks and I was ready. Friday night we went for a walk with the boys and I started having contractions every 5 minutes while I was walking that were mild and I could feel a little twinge of pain. I got excited, but not too excited because I didn’t want to think I was going into labor but then come to find out I wasn’t. As the evening progressed the contractions (which at this point I figured were “real”) hadn’t slowed down or stopped but they had not increased in strength, length of time or consistency. So I sent Joan my midwife a text around 9 pm just letting her know what was going on and to be ready if I called her that night. She told me to rest, and have a glass of wine. So that’s what I did. I went to bed at 10:30 and slept uninterrupted until 7 am. The contractions had stopped overnight completely - one of my prayers for my labor was that I labor during the day and not at night. Right when I got up on Saturday morning at 7 am the contractions picked right back up, same frequency/duration/strength. And they stayed the same… for hours… I was getting super annoyed. I didn’t want to get excited, I didn’t want to tell anyone I thought I was in labor because I was afraid as soon as I did they were going to stop! Finally around 12 pm I texted Joan and my friend Rachel who was the midwife assistant and happened to live 2 blocks from me. I told them I had been having these contractions all morning but they were not progressing, they were just annoying me. So Rachel headed over to my place and checked Ezras position, I was not ready to have a cervical check done yet because I didn’t want to be disappointed and hear I wasn’t dilated at all or something lol! He was head down and in position but he was still kind of high. So Rachel suggested I get on Spinning babies and try the pelvic tilt exercises and also bind my belly some so that Ezra could get farther down into my pelvis and hopefully get some good contractions going. So that’s what I did from about 1 to 1:30 pm, I did pelvic tilts through a total of 10 contractions. Right after that we went on a walk as a family. While we were at the park by our house I was walking the trail while the boys played and man - those contractions started picking up! 

At that point I know I am in labor but I know its going to be FOREVER before he is born, so I didn’t want my mom or mom in law to come to my house yet. I didn’t even want my mom to leave from Wichita Falls to drive to my house yet (it’s a 4 hour drive!). I was just convinced it was going to be forever. I ended up telling her to come around 3 pm even though I thought it was too early. 

Then Joan texts me and says she’s coming to check on me. So I give in and tell her to go ahead and come. It’s around 4 pm. Contractions are coming every 4-5 minutes but they are not long, only around 45 seconds and they are not super strong, they are very bearable. I was so unfocused though I couldn’t concentrate on anything. Joan gets there and I let her do a cervical check and I am at a 3 - okay cool, now I’m really convinced I will be laboring late into the night and exhausted! Hah, I was very negative about the whole situation. She tells me to lay with the peanut ball between my legs - first off I HATE laying when I am in labor (gravity helps, duh!) and second of all it wasn’t the most comfortable position for trying to sleep. Nevertheless I trusted my Joans midwife wisdom. So I labored. At one point I came out maybe around 5:30 and got a snack for Eli and Isaiah and just took some contractions in the kitchen. 

I labored in my room by myself while Zac took care of the boys. I took a shower to help stimulate labor, I got out and got right back in bed with my peanut ball and heated sock. Then things started picking up, but I’m not sure when exactly, thankfully Joan decided to come back and check on me at 6:20 pm. I hadn’t texted Tina my mom in law yet mind you, she hardly knew I was in labor, I still thought I had hours! When Joan walked in I am leaning over the edge of the table moaning through a contraction, once it ended we talked for a minute and then I have another one swiftly after that one, it was almost as if they became more intense right when Joan got there. She told me as soon as I was ready we could check and see where I was. Once I got through another contraction I laid on the couch as she checked me. She said I was at a 6 ‘cool, he’s going to be in there forever and this is going to be really really hard for a long time’ those were the thoughts in my head. I remember telling Joan that I needed to change my labor management techniques up because what I had been doing, leaning and moaning was no longer working well, SO I decided I would take a shower (mind you remember me saying the shower STIMULATES labor??). So I slowly make my way to the shower and get in. I did text Tina right as I was getting into the shower and told her to come, I texted her at 6:29 pm. It was like right when I got in the shower my body took over - labor OVERCAME me. I started crying wondering why I felt so alone and thinking I couldn’t do this, it was too much, the pain, the pressure, the overwhelm of bringing this baby in the world. I had two of the worst contractions I have ever had, literally NOTHING helped, I just had to moan from deep within, it was almost as if I had no control but only to moan. I got on my hands and knees during the shower thinking it might help as the next contraction came over me but it didn’t, actually it was worse. That was when said screw it and got out of the shower as fast as possible before the next one came. I needed HELP.  Joan walked back into my room as looked at me and asked why I had gotten out so fast and I told her I just couldn’t do it anymore blah blah blah - it was transition talking! Then I said “I I haven’t put the waterproof plastic mattress pad on yet”, now heres the question - WHY did I not do that yet? I only had oh like ALL DAY to put that on lol. So Joan runs out of the room to find the mattress pad. As she is looking for the mattress pad in the back room and while Zac is still trying to figure out the birth tub - I start having another contraction and while I am starting to lean over my bed and sway my hips MY WATER JUST GUSHES OUT AND BREAKS all over the floor. Let me tell you, If you’ve never had your water break spontaneously while standing up buck naked, it is a WEIRD AS ALL GET OUT feeling. I IMMEDIATELY had to push.  I yelled HELP ME!!!!! In my most primal voice during the urge to push. Joan and Zac run back into the room and Joan says “We’re just gonna have a baby right here!”. So right there on the corner of the bed I started to push. I am in disbelief through the urge to push. Already?! He’s going to be born already?!? Zac told me later on after the birth that Ezra was crowning when him and Joan ran back into our room. So there we were, Joan, Zac and I - Netflix babysitting Eli and Isaiah. Joan says you can push! So I push, well really my body pushes him out, Ezra was ready to be out! Rachel walks in at 6:39 pm and get there basically as Ezra is already out - He was officially born at 6:41. Whew. All I could say is HOLY SH** over and over a few times. I went from not being convinced he was going to be born that day to actually holding him in my arms 15 minutes later. It was a WILD 15-20 minutes. Went from a 6 to a baby in 15 minutes. 

So I got two prayers answered, a relatively easy labor and not having to labor at night. The female body is a force to be reckoned with! Also, I cannot recommend a homebirth experience more. It was wonderful, empowering, beautiful. I had an amazing team.

Ezra Wilder Brown born on September 15, 2018 at 6:41 pm, 20 inches and 7.5 pounds <3


Also, I have no photos of my labor, we had been planning on doing photos AND a video of the birth, neither happened, Ezra had other plans :) So here’s some post birth photos once Zac was able to leave the room and grab the camera haha:

Ezra shortly after birth &lt;3

Ezra shortly after birth <3

Ezra at 2 hours old &lt;3

Ezra at 2 hours old <3

Ezra at 2 days old &lt;3

Ezra at 2 days old <3

Jacki Brown