Tips + Tricks to Combat Morning Sickness

Here I am, 17 weeks pregnant myself just getting past the dreaded morning sickness (that should be named "all day sickness"). I thought I'd put together a list of tips and tricks to combat morning sickness! 

1. Don't drink water on an empty stomach.

With my first pregnancy and at the beginning of my second my go to in the dreaded mornings of sickness, I would go straight to a piece of toast and a big ol' glass of water (because I was sooo thirsty, I mean growing a human here!). Eventually (after a pregnancy and a half) I figured out some sort of correlation between the water and being sick as a dog about 10 minutes after I drank it and ate my toast, so I started starting out my mornings with gatorade and while it did not take away the sickness, it helped TREMENDOUSLY. During this 3rd pregnancy of mine, my choice of morning drink has been lemonade or Honest juice boxes. Something about mixing water and an empty stomach that just didn't work for me early on in my pregnancies. Now that I am 17 weeks I'm back to drinking water first thing in the morning and things seems to be fine. 

2. Eat all the time.

Basically all the time. Anytime I felt/feel an inkling of nausea coming on I grab a bite of a cracker, or really whatever is closest to me! Using food as a fighter against nausea is key to keeping the morning sickness under control this is because your blood sugar needs to stay up, avoid letting your sugar drop. At one point in my pregnancy I was having a bit or even drink of a juice every 10-15 minutes to keep the nausea away. Also, eating 4 or 5 small meals a day is a good idea along with all the snacks. Making sure I have healthy and hearty meals is a big deal too. Side note story: with my first son I decided anytime I was feeling nauseous I WOULDN'T eat because well I was nauseous, it was a vicious cycle. This led to awful, awful nausea, I would hardly eat anything during a day (maybe some chicken noodle soup or crackers sporadically through the day). I was miserable til like week 15. I eventually figured it out the farther in pregnancy and realized I needed to eat! The moral of the story - eat all the time! 

3. Sea Bands.

This pregnancy is the first time I used these, they're like $7 so definitely worth a try. I used them some, not a whole, whole lot but the days I did use them they seemed to help, so whether it was placebo or for real I'm not sure but I'll take it and like I said worth a try!

4. Don't give up coffee cold turkey.

This might be a no brainer, but with my first I thought I would just cut my morning coffee to keep my baby away from extra caffeine. Well, I was sick with a headache on top of the nausea for probably close to a week. So I added some back in, eventually I weaned myself off of morning coffee SLOWLY. Lesson learned. And with this pregnancy I enjoy a caffeinated cup of joe every morning, as I learned later that 200 mg is completely safe for baby. So enjoy that cup ladies! 

5. Take your prenatal vitamin at night rather than in the morning. 

My prenatal vitamin never sits well with me when I take it in the morning so I moved it to taking it at night. It's worth a try, even if it only helps a little!

6. Take your mornings slowww.

You may be thinking - how?!? I will admit to letting my kids watch plentiful amounts of cartoons in the morning, making them easy breakfasts like cereal and microwavable pancakes this time. After I got them sat down, I'd grab my toast and lemonade and sit on the couch to let that first wave of nausea go away. Also if I had kept standing up I started feeling weak so most of the time I had to sit down! Usually it would take 15ish minutes after I woke up to start feeling pretty good. Just try to take it slow, whatever that looks like for you. 

Now, keep in mind these suggestions are not medical advice by any means and those of you who actually cannot keep anything down should definitely talk to your midwife/OB, but these things worked for me with my pregnancies and I wanted to share them, I hope they might help you too! Growing humans is hard and fullfilling (literally and figuratively) work but you've can do it, your body was made to do it! You've got this mamas! 

If you've got more tricks of the trade, share em'! I'd love to hear!

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